Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today, my post is about cupcake trivia. Sure they taste great, and are adorable, but don't you want to learn something about them too?
So here are some cool facts about cupcakes:
-They were invented around the early 19th century.
-Britain and Ireland sometimes call cupcakes "fairy cakes".
-A woman named Suzanne Rutland claimed to have eaten 50,000 hostess cupcakes!!!
-National Cupcake Week is September 13th to the 19th.
-In Britain, during National Cupcake Week, someone made a MINI cupcake, measuring to be 1.5 centimeters high and 3 centimeters wide!!!
-National Chocolate Cupcake day is October 18th.
That is all I have for now, but soon I will post more!!!

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